Tone Poems 3 - CD Recording by David Grisman, Mike Auldridge and Bob Brozman: vintage guitar music
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David Grisman, Mike Auldridge, and Bob Brozman
CD cover: Tone Poems 3


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Bob's work in the USA

Bob Brozman gets together with David Grisman and Mike Auldridge to trace the musical history of the great resophonic and slide instruments that were developed in America during the first third of the 20th century. The third in Grisman's series of TONE POEMS projects, this one is the most extensive yet, and features the three masters playing 21 tunes and over 50 instruments - each song characteristic of the era in which the instruments were made. Together, they trace the development of these unusual hybrid instruments that formed the "missing link" between acoustic and electric.

The music follows the parallel development of the instruments and the styles of music played on them. It runs the gamut from Hawaiian, blues, ragtime, and swing to early country, bluegrass, newgrass, jazz, latin - even into funk. Some of the more unique instruments used include a 1915 Knutsen Harp Hawaiian Guitar, several one-of-a-kind Nationals and Dobros, and other odd and delightful artifacts of those forward-looking days.

Assembling the collection of instruments for this project was a project in itself; over 100 instruments were gathered before selecting the best of them for this CD. It was quite a sight to see David and Bob set off from Bob's house in 2 cars, laden with 40 instruments each. The sessions were relaxed and free-flowing with ideas and arrangements. The whole thing was done over several intense days at Grisman's studio, with so many instruments lying around that it was hard to walk from room to room!

A splendid 48-page full color booklet with photographs, biographies, and stories on the music and the instruments is included - this album is a must-have for anyone interested in slide, stringed instruments, or the history of America's musical heritage. Recorded live to analog, with no added EQ or compression, the music makes mighty fine listening, too!

Praise for TONE POEMS III:

"the ultimate recorded celebration of a family of musical instruments."

"The recorded sound of these Weissenborns, Gibsons, Martins, and Nationals is sublime, and the extensive liner-note photos will have instrument collectors drooling. The lineup of Grisman with guitarists Bob Brozman and Mike Auldridge is instrumental versatility defined. Priceless instruments, timeless music, and a must-have for acoustic music lovers."

"The three masters touch on everything from Ragtime, blues hillbilly, bluegrass, folk and country music with liberal dosage of Hawaiian Hula mixed in. They play the actual vintage instruments and recorded analog, as pure as possible, without compression or equalization. The result is yet another cultural treasure no folklorist, string instrumentalist, or roots music lover should have to live without."

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