Get Together: Woody Mann and Bob Brozman - vintage jazz and swing
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GET TOGETHER: Woody Mann and Bob Brozman
CD cover: Get Together

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Reviews for GET TOGETHER

Bob Brozman and Woody Mann collaborate on a rich, bluesy album - available only in Europe and online! Call it world music with Mississippi roots, or new age with grit, this album has the percussive drive of 1920s bluesman Charley Patton, the haunting strains of a Gary Davis spiritual, a hint of Portuguese fado, oldtime boogie, swing, gypsy waltz, and exuberant jazz. What a feast!

This album was recorded on a rare analog two-inch EIGHT-track (24 tracks are standard) machine, enabling huge dynamic range and richness, since each guitar has a full one-inch width of tape. The instruments were chosen carefully, and the sonic qualities are very rich. Musically, GET TOGETHER is the collaboration of two independent masters of their art, who had nothing to prove at all, thus opening the door to really tasteful musical exchanges. Bob and Woody, who grew up near each other in New York, but never met until the 1990s, were both heavily influenced by pre-war delta Blues, ragtime and jazz, and went on to explore other related and more distant forms of music. This album is a blend of all of those influences, combined with a relaxed mastery of tone and groove. A variety of great vintage and new acoustic instruments were used in the recording, contributing to many of the deep and interesting moods and grooves on the disc.

In 1998, Bob and Woody, having each taught at guitars camps in the past, brainstormed together and came up with the ideas for their own program: International Guitar Seminars. The idea was to have a concentrated musical week of learning and sharing music in a university setting, with master-level teachers, with limited class sizes, and have it all run by musicians for musicians. There have been sessions in New York and California annually since 1999, which have created a wonderful community of supportive musical friends. One of the great things about IGS is the non-competitive atmosphere which encourages and enhances the pleasures of jamming with other players.


"From the opening notes of Mann's fretted guitar and Brozman's slide work, you can't help but be captivated."

"astonishing recording quality...deep sound...original compositions ...a stunning album.…"

"If you ever feel jaded by the current crop of blues or acoustic guitar albums, give this disc a spin. The depth of feeling and quality of musicianship within these simple songs will make you a believer."


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