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Bob Brozman - Official Website

Bob Brozman Tips and Advice for Guitarists

This is a special page for guitarists, guitar students, and working musicians. The links below will lead you to various articles prepared by Bob, in an effort to share his ideas and experience. New articles will appear periodically; if you have requests for topics for articles, please email Bob directly.

Sound Hints - Practical information about live sound reinforcement for Nationals, EQ, microphones, pick-ups, monitors, and perhaps most importantly, how to conduct a soundcheck - useful for Nationals and other acoustic instruments.

NEW! Reso-Acoustic Sound System - Designed by Bob Brozman and made in Italy for acoustic musicians. Now available - more info here.

FREE Guitar Lessons - Choose from the following ongoing series of short lessons on specific topics:

NEW! Slide Guitar Basics: Developing Clean Technique
NEW! Open-Tuning Tricks: Chords and Classic Turnarounds
NEW! Deep Rhythm Lesson
The Evolution of the 12-Bar Blues Progression
Open Tuning Basic Lesson

MUSIC - More to be posted soon:

NEW! "Down the Road" Melody, Chords, and Lyrics
NEW! "Lang Là" Melody, Chords, and Lyrics

Bob's Musical Influences and Recommended Listening - A list of artists of various genres, who were early influences to Bob in his formative years.

Packing and Flying with Guitars - Practical advice from years of experience in flying with multiple guitars.

Bob uses and endorses the following for their superior sound quality: National Reso-Phonic Guitars, Bear Creek Guitars, Highlander Pickups, John Pearse Strings, and the Santa Cruz Baritone Guitar.