The Running Man: world musician collaborations, Indian music, Okinawan songs, slide guitar
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Bob Brozman - Official Website

Bob Brozman and friends from around the world
CD cover: The Running Man

Running around the world is a lot of what Bob has been doing the last several years, and his CD THE RUNNING MAN is a collection of musical postcards from those journeys. The album covers a wide range of music, and on it you will find many of Bob's recent collaborators.

Two tracks with Debashish Bhattacharya, "Song of Life" and "River Music," are currently the ONLY available recorded material of Bob and Debashish. These Indian pieces display the incredible talent of India's top slide guitarist, and the emotional musical blend with Bob's slide guitars.

THE RUNNING MAN also offers two duets with Okinawa's Takashi Hirayasu, featuring sanshin and Hawaiian guitar, with vocals by Takashi on these new arrangements of traditional songs. Also featured are two duets with New Yorker Woody Mann, one a deep blues, and other a Portuguese fado. From a session in Athens, Greece, Bob teams up with George Pilali and a group of Greece rembetika musicians, for a romp through a Greek blues and a funky improvisation.

In addition to 2 solo tracks by Bob, there is also a live duet with England's Martin Simpson, "Timbuktu" featuring two tricones playing live in the African Lydian mode.

THE RUNNING MAN is a fine compilation of some of Bob's work through 1999, and makes for great listening as well.


Bob Brozman - Guitar Master
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