Rolling Through This World: Bob Brozman and Jeff Lang
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Bob Brozman and Jeff Lang
CD cover: Rolling Through This World

...of the 2002 ARIA Award for Blues Album of the Year in Australia!

from The Sydney Morning Herald:
"..two hugely talented guitar show-offs demonstrate just exactly what can be done when they decide to stretch their considerable skills. There are moments when you gasp and want to ask, 'How did you do that, you flashy pair of bastards?' as the two duck and dive around each other in amazing displays of cleverness. The interplay of the two guitars is glorious, the way the guitars weave around each other is just simply amazing."

Jeff Lang is Australia's best known roots and blues slide guitarist/songwriter. He has been touring Australia for 10 years and touring in America, Canada, and the UK for last 4 years. He has amazing and original chops on slide guitar, a great voice, and an explosive sense of humor.

Bob met Jeff when the program director of the 2000 Woodford Festival in Australia cleverly put their concert sets back-to-back. Naturally, they wound up jamming together during all of each other's sets, improvising without rehearsal. In Jeff, Bob found a fellow wild and fearless adventurer, one who is always willing to take risks in order to have the music "go somewhere" each time. Jeff is a brilliant and innovative slide guitarist, and Bob, who has certainly heard a lot of slide guitar, found Jeff's playing to be refreshingly full of new ideas and sounds. Both musicians share a common interest in the roots of blues and slide guitar, combined with a contemporary esthetic and improvisatory spirit. Jeff's drummer Angus Diggs is one of Bob's favorite drummers of all time. He adds to the improvisation and risk-taking with his unique and open swinging style of drumming, exchanging ideas freely with the two guitarists. He fully participated in the build-ups and breakdowns of musical structure with his incredibly great ears and fast instincts.

It was decided that they should play some shows together in Australia and then record a project during Bob's January 2002 Australian tour. ROLLING THROUGH THIS WORLD is the result of four days of live recording in Melbourne. Writing, playing and recording in a relaxed environment allowed the three musicians to experiment freely and the result is a tour-de-force of slide guitar and rhythm mania, with moments of beauty, moments of humor and moments of menace and passion. It genuinely captures the sparks that arc between these three brilliant musicians. ROLLING THROUGH THIS WORLD has been honored with the 2002 ARIA Award for Roots and Blues album of the year. The ARIA (Australia Recording Industry Association) Award is Australia's version of the Grammy Awards®.

Track List:
1. 61 Highway
2. Danville Girl
3. Rolling Through This World
4. The Changeling
5. Cypress Grove
6. Black Back Train
7. Get Lucky
8. Telephone Arguing Blues
9. Rooster Tail
10. Plucked Pigeon Soup-Hop
11. Wipe It Off


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