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Bob Brozman - Official Website

Lumière - The Bob Brozman Orchestra

Short Quotes from Major Global Press
in praise of LUMIÈRE

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Complete list of reviews for LUMIÈRE

The Guardian, UK:
(4 stars) 'exuberant'...'Brozman is one of the great musical travellers.'

Billboard Magazine, USA:
'a masterwork'...'he's a whiz in all manner of styles from around the globe, and he illustrates it perfectly here'

fRoots Magazine, UK:
'it's all marvelous, and is a technical and musical triumph on all levels'

The Scotsman, UK:
(4 stars) 'extraordinary'...'one glorious riot of musical colour, shot through with tinctures of Hawaii, Portugal, Reunion, Okinawa, Bolivia, and Greece.'

The Mirror, Montréal:
(10/10) 'Brozman's distinctive voice as an artist is one of tremendous charm and welcoming watmth, whose tunes could be equated with backrubs and banana daiquiris on the beach.'

BC Magazine /
'If Bob was to be as successful in harmonizing different cultures in politics as he is in music, he would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize'

'Each piece of music on this disc is a marvelous creation that reflects not only Bob's passion but flashes of the world's cultural soul as well.'

'I've never heard anything close to as original and stirring as the music on Lumière.'

'Brozman has set the standard by which we will judge all world music in the future.'

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Bob Brozman - King of the National Guitar

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