Nankuru Naisa: Okinawan music, world music collaboration, sashin
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NANKURU NAISA: Takashi Hirayasu and Bob Brozman
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Takashi Hirayasu
Bob's work in Okinawa
Jin Jin,
Bob and Takashi's 1st CD

"This is just one of the most balanced and beautiful albums ever made, one that will be difficult to get out of your head or out of your heart."

"light-hearted, whimsical, and inventive."
"The lyrics…are beautiful poetry in themselves."
"This is one of the most original guitar albums you'll hear all year."

"Nankuru Naisa is a worthy successor to Jin Jin and a superb record in its own right."

Bob Brozman and Takashi Hirayasu come together for their second duet album, a follow-up to the landmark 1999 release, JIN JIN. On NANKURU NAISA (Okinawan for "take it easy"), the two friends convene in an entirely different setting than what they shared on their first project - here, they are joined by a few friends who add a new dimension to Takashi's original songs.

Whereas JIN JIN showcased the acoustic virtuosity of two master musicians in the remote island setting of Okinawa, NANKURU NAISA was recorded in northern California, includes the rhythms of Santa Cruz percussionist Rick Walker, plus the bass of San Francisco's Piper Heisig and the requinto guitar, ukulele, and accordion of David Hidalgo (Los Lobos). Once again, Daniel Thomas, Bob's long time co-producer on many projects, brought his production skills to this project.

This second album reflects Takashi's absorption of many new sounds from having worked with Bob and other mutual friends from distant lands - notably, La Réunion master Rene Lacaille, whose infectious sega rhythms inspired Takashi to incorporate a 6/8 element in to songs like the title track, which translates into the Okinawan philosophy, "take it easy." Other tracks exhibit a variety of grooves from traditional Okinawan to 600-year old funk to African, with sounds ranging from tender to wildly aggressive - all the while, communicating the friendship that has evolved through their mutual love of music.

On NANKURU NAISA, Takashi also shows his talent for songwriting. This is another difference between NANKURU NAISA and JIN JIN. His lyrics tell stories of growing up in American-occupied Okinawa in the 1960s and the period when Okinawa was returned to Japan in 1972. He describes life as a young R&B guitarist playing in rowdy nightclubs for the American military during the Vietnam war, and pays tribute to some of his American musical heroes whose music excited him in his youth. Okinawan to the bone, yet deeply personal music.

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