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LUMIČRE: The Bob Brozman Orchestra
CD cover: Lumičre - The Bob Brozman Orchestra

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About the Album
About the Bob Brozman Orchestra

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Reviews for LUMIČRE

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Songlines Magazine - (5 stars) "The musicianship is stunning" ... "It's a simply sublime album."

The Guardian - (4 stars) "exuberant"..."Brozman is one of the great musical travellers."

Billboard - "a masterwork"..."he's a whiz in all manner of styles from around the globe, and he illustrates it perfectly here"

fRoots Magazine - "it's all marvelous, and is a technical and musical triumph on all levels"

BC Magazine - "If Bob was to be as successful in harmonizing different cultures in politics as he is in music, he would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize"

Lumičre is the culmination of guitar virtuoso Bob Brozman’s musical memories formed over a lifetime of travelling and playing music with others. His years of absorbing influences from cultures worldwide is expressed through the establishment of the Bob Brozman Orchestra - a unique concept where Bob intricately plays each instrumental part, building layer upon layer to formulate the tremendous sound of an extensive orchestra. He revisits the influences drawn from previous collaborations with artists such as Debashish Bhattacharya, René Lacaille, Djeli Moussa Diawara and Takashi Hirayasu to reflect on the profound imprint travel has had on his life.

Track List:

01. Tango Medzinárodny (International Tango)
02. Lumičre De La Mer
03. Mars Over Sorrento
04. N’Oubliez Pas La Réunion
05. Calypso Calaloo
06. Chaturangui Gazal
07. Mazurka Maracaibo
08. Aloha Laie
09. Bamako Blues
10. Ska Waltz Train
11. Afro Mada
12. Yaeyama Okinawa

About the Album

This album is the continuation of a journey; a pursuit of the universal principles in all music; an endless discovery of the varied ways that music affects emotion. It explores the ways in which wave phenomena drive musical improvisation and cross-cultural migration. Why is it, exactly, that language requires translation while music does not?

Acoustic timbres inform the music in this collection. The huge dynamic range of acoustic instruments invites me to explore the deeply intimate relationship between feeling and muscle action. This, my lifelong musical endeavour, is the result of absorbing the musically emotive expressions from cultures worldwide.

This is a collection of musical postcards; souvenirs from my travels as a roving guitar anthropologist; living muscle-memories that convey emotions and places; burning curiosities pursued with vigour.

It is a joyful life of travelling, listening and playing music with others that has inspired this suite of compositions. Indeed, I am a lucky man.

Bob Brozman


About the Bob Brozman Orchestra

One of the guiding principles of this project was to create emotionally dynamic music that is both orchestral and spontaneous; where each part, infused with my own particular touch and vibrato, is performed in a fugue-like state of improvisation.

Daniel Thomas, my longtime friend and coproducer, has been a great help in realizing this vision. He has a deep understanding of my own creative processes. His production acumen and musicianship enable a workflow that is spontaneous and exhilarating.

The construction of each piece begins with a small solo instrument, perhaps a charango or baglama, and sometimes an accompanying percussion instrument played by Daniel. The intention is to capture a fresh, improvisational foundation that evolves organically throughout the recording process. Subsequent parts are improvised in reaction to previously recorded parts. Arrangements are conceived as they are being performed. Timbres and rhythms interact serendipitously to produce new colours, shedding light on new musical frontiers. Richly orchestrated parts emerge from a lexicon of musclememories. This is my work, this is my life.

Bob Brozman


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