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Bob Brozman - Official Website

Guide to Instruments on

Bob uses a variety of different instruments, both on-stage and in the studio. He works closely with instrument-makers, to design unique instruments for his use - and, to make these special models available for musicians everywhere. The links below provide information and advice about these instruments and their musical applications.

National Guitars

Bob answers frequently-asked questions about Nationals, both vintage and new - including the Baritone Tricone that Bob has designed with National Reso-Phonic Guitars. View the instruments available and learn valuable information here.


The loud and very portable Bolivian 10-string relative of the ukulele. Anyone who plays guitar can easily play Charango. Read more here.

Order an instrument from Bob

Bob is an official National dealer, and offers custom features and exclusive free-of-charge action/ string gauge/ set-up to suit your personal tuning and playing style choices.

Bob also has charangos available. Read more about these fascinating portable instruments.

To order an instrument from Bob, or for answers to additional questions about instrument orders, please email him directly.

National Baritone Tricone guitar
South American Charango