Bob Brozman in France: Blues, Jazz, Sega and Francophone Music
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Bob Brozman in France

Bob Brozman's first invitation to France was in 1992, following the surprise success of "A Truckload of Blues" released in France by Sky Ranch. Performing at the Printemps de Bourges festival, in the 2,000 seat festival hall, which would prove to be the kickstart for all of Bob's subsequent Francophone activities, Bob found an instant rapport with the French state of mind. At the time, he spoke no French, but decided to learn it by ear from that point forward. Bourges, a festival attended by presenters from all over Europe, of course led to several tours of theatres, cultural centers, and festivals throughout the country from 1992 through 1997, totaling over 200 concerts. Sky Ranch released Bob's entire 1981-1989 catalogue in 1993, and released three new albums with Virgin France - SLIDE A GO GO in 1993, BLUES ROUND THE BEND in 1995, and GOLDEN SLIDE in 1996. Bob has worked at many guitar festivals in France, performing several shows with noted French gypsy Django-style guitarist Romane. Bob continues to tour in France each year, often with one of his recent musical collaborators.

Immersion in French language awakened in Bob a talent for languages he didn't know he had. He's since gone on to communicate quite well in French, albeit with less than perfect grammar. The recent projects with René Lacaille and Djeli Moussa Diawara would have been difficult without a command of the French language. Bob adores the Francophone and Creole cultures worldwide. In addition, Bob feels that attempting always to learn to speak the local language in any country is first and foremost a sign of respect for the people and culture. Therefore, he is forging ahead with Japanese, Spanish, Slovak, German, Italian, and always trying to learn a few words and phrases, both serious and humorous in as many languages as possible from every continent. Language and music share common neural pathways.

The French people have always greatly enjoyed the pleasures of food, wine, and the arts. Musicians for many years have noticed the special affection the French demonstrate for music and musicians. At the same time, French audiences expect and appreciate artistic growth and change, which allows musicians the freedom to create. For Bob, France was a cultural revelation as it was really the first non-English speaking country in which Bob had spent significant time. Bob's ongoing love affair with France now spreads throughout the Francophone world, encompassing many continuing projects.

Presse en Français:

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