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Bob Brozman Digital Downloads


What is Bob Brozman Digital Downloads?

It's an amazing, self-contained app where you can browse, purchase, download, and enjoy the world's finest library of music instruction videos.

Download it and check it out!

d Instant delivery.

After filling out the simple order form, you'll be able to start watching in just minutes. No waiting for deliveries. No shipping and handling charges.

l Safe.

Unlike discs that can get damaged or lost, you'll never lose your digital purchases, even if you buy a new computer or your hard drive crashes.

Instant Access.

Watch anything you've purchased in just 3 clicks, whether you are connected to the internet or not. No hassle with remote controls, DVD players or TV inputs.

d Eco-friendly.

The manufacture of DVDs contribute heavily to pollution, and 1.6 billion DVDs go into landfills every year. With Bob Brozman Digital Downloads, you can learn from the best and save the planet while you're at it!


Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to download a product?

It depends on the speed of your internet connection, but with a fast broadband connection, you can start watching in just a few minutes while the rest of the product downloads in the background.

Can I watch my purchases on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes! Bob Brozman Digital Downloads is compatible with the $1.99 "MOD Mobile" iOS app in the Apple App Store. Please see the "Help Center" in the catalog to find out more.

Can I enjoy my digital purchases even if I'm not connected to the internet?

Yes! When you purchase a product, just make sure the entire product downloads. Then, you can take your laptop to a cabin in the woods, the beach or on an ocean voyage and watch any program you wish.

Can I watch my digital purchases on a different computer than the one I purchased on?

Sure, as long as your other computer is connected to the internet!

  1. Download and install the app onto your second computer

  2. Click the "options" button in the upper right hand corner and choose "Authorize this computer"

  3. Follow the prompts and enter in your email address and password

The products you have purchased will show up under "My Stuff" and you'll be able to download and view them at your convenience. Your purchases are safe in your "digital locker in the cloud!"

What if my hard drive crashes or I buy a new computer?

Unlike a DVD, that can be damaged, lost or stolen, you will never lose your digital products. Just follow the directions under "Can I watch my programs on a different computer?"

Can I watch my digital purchases on my TV?

Absolutely, as long as your TV accepts HDMI, DVI, VGA or S-video input, and your computer has the matching output. A DVI to HDMI cable is only about $15. Here is a wonderful guide on connecting your computer to your TV from Or, if you have a recent Apple mobile device and an Apple TV, you can use AirPlay.

What are the system requirements for Bob Brozman Digital Downloads?

  1. Display resolution 1024 x 600 or larger

  2. Reliable broadband internet connection (needed for initial purchase and download only)

  3. At least 1.5 GHz processor (Intel recommended), 1 GB RAM

If you have any questions, we're here to help! Click here for customer support or email