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Bob Brozman - Official Website

Bob Brozman Music: World Blues Guitar and Island Collaborations

Bob has produced a huge variety of CDs, involving music collaborations with international artists from many countries. Click on a CD image for more information on each project.

 Fire in the Mind
Bob Brozman solo

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 Post-Industrial Blues
Bob Brozman solo

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LUMI�RE (2007)
The Bob Brozman Orchestra

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 Blues Reflex (2005)
Bob Brozman solo
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MAHIMA (2003) Bob Brozman and Debashish Bhattacharya (India)
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 Metric Time
METRIC TIME (2003) Bob Brozman solo
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 Dig Dig
DIGDIG (2002) Bob Brozman and Rene Lacaille (La Reunion Island)
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 Songs of the Volcano
SONGS OF THE VOLCANO (2005) Bob Brozman with Papua New Guinea Stringbands
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 Live Now
LIVE NOW (2001) Bob Brozman in the USA and Australia
Currently Unavailable

 Nankuru Naisa
NANKURU NAISA (2001) Bob Brozman and Takashi Hirayasu (Okinawa)
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 Jin Jin
JIN JIN (2000) Bob Brozman and Takashi Hirayasu (Okinawa)
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 Ocean Blues
OCEAN BLUES (2000) Bob Brozman and Djeli Moussa Diawara (Guinea)
Currently Unavailable

 Tone Poems 3
TONE POEMS III (2000) Bob Brozman, David Grisman, and Mike Auldridge (USA)
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 Get Together
GET TOGETHER (2000) Bob Brozman and Woody Mann (USA)
Currently Unavailable

 In the Saddle
IN THE SADDLE (2000) Bob Brozman and Ledward Kaapana (Hawaii)
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 Four Hands Sweet and Hot
FOUR HANDS SWEET AND HOT (1999) Bob Brozman and Cyril Pahinui (Hawaii)
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Kika Kila Meets Ki O' Alu
KIKA KILA MEETS KI HO'ALU (1997) Bob Brozman and Ledward Kaapana (Hawaii)
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Remembering the Songs of Our Youth
REMEMBERING THE SONGS OF OUR YOUTH (1989) Bob Brozman and the Tau Moe Family (Hawaii)
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 Rolling Through This World
ROLLING THROUGH THIS WORLD (2002) Bob Brozman and JEFF LANG (Australia)
Currently Unavailable
CD cover: Kani Wai
Kani Wai - Sound of Water
George Kahumoku, Jr. and Bob Brozman
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