Bob Brozman Books: The History and Artistry of National Resonator Instruments
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Bob Brozman - Official Website

Bob Brozman Books:
The History and Artistry of National Resonator Instruments
Bob Brozman Books: The History and Artistry of National Resonator Instruments
Bob Brozman's
"The History and Artistry of National Resoator Instruments" is the definitive work about these beautiful guitars.

THE HISTORY AND ARTISTRY OF NATIONAL RESONATOR INSTRUMENTS is an insider's view of the string instruments that bridged the gap between the acoustic and electric sound. These incredible examples of 20th Art Deco design and brilliant musical function had a tremendous impact on the evolution of guitar music. In this book, all National products made from 1927 through 1941 are described; most are pictured. Some one-of-a-kind custom pieces are included as well, such as the personal guitar of George Beauchamp, the president of the original National company.

Bob Brozman, a man fascinated by Nationals since childhood, has devoted his life to playing, recording, teaching, restoring, and reviving these amazing instruments. To write this book, he worked with the inventor's family and company employees, and from historical documents, to present colorful accounts of the men and women behind the scenes. With the help of dealers and hundreds of National owners worldwide, he has cracked the serial number code and provided other descriptive information invaluable to owners and seekers of these rare artful instruments. While most books about vintage guitars read like hardware catalogs, this well-written and comprehensive work approaches the subject from many angles, beyond the complete descriptions of the instruments and their history. Biographies and vintage photographs of many artists who entertained with Nationals are included, along with practical advice for today's musicians using these instruments. Bob was a friend and advocate of the inventor John Dopyera, Sr., who died in 1988, and is glad to have set the record straight about the history and controversy around these musical miracles.


"I can think of no one who has had more of an impact on the vintage metal body Nationals than Bob Brozman. Over the years he has showcased fine examples of these instruments in his performances, and he has devoted considerable time researching the history of the National company and sharing this information with dealers and collectors. This book stands as a testament to his dedication to and appreciation of Nationals."
George Gruhn
Gruhn Guitars, Inc.

"Bob Brozman eats, sleeps, breathes, and plays Nationals - and does it all better than anyone I know. I think he was destined to write this book - one every guitar enthusiast should own."
Dave Crocker
Fly By Night Music & Texas Guitar shows

"Some of the most elegant guitars of the 20th century were made in the 1920s and 30s out of brass and steel by the National String Instrument Corporation of Los Angeles, California. In his book, Bob Brozman has captured the ethos of the Age of Metal quite vividly. We, as dealers of fine vintage fretted instruments, believe that the 1990s is fast becoming the decade of resurgent interest in Hawaiian music, bottleneck blues, and lap slide playing, and the National metal body guitar. If this is, in fact, the case, then Brozman, as player, author and expert, inspires us by reliving the National in song, in spirit, and in contemplation of the unique beauty of these magnificent instruments."
Stan Jay and Larry Wexer
Mandolin Brothers, Ltd.