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Bob Brozman Guitar Seminars and Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops tailored to focus on your area of interest!

Spend an unforgettable day at Bob's house, nestled in the lush Santa Cruz Mountains, south of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. Each workshop consists of two 2-hour intensive learning courses, followed by a "conscious" jam & question/answer session. We'll break to enjoy a gourmet lunch, plus snacks and refreshments in the afternoon.

This is a rare opportunity to study and play with Bob, whose world travels have enabled him to bring fresh perspectives to guitar playing and blues. Bob will explain how to use the sounds and ideas of traditional blues as a jumping-off point to expand your own abilities to play, arrange, and compose your music.

West Coast acoustic guitarists have so thoroughly enjoyed Bob's his week-long courses at International Guitar Seminars, that he's offering these one-day weekend courses as an opportunity to study with him in a beautiful, relaxed setting. It's not necessary to be an "advanced" guitarist to benefit from this workshop. If you can keep time and change chords in time, you'll find lots of quickly-accessible ideas which will inform and inspire your playing. Discover ways to free yourself from conventional thinking and get more enjoyment out of what you already know! Bob's weekend seminars are open to new attendees, past attendees, and people who have enjoyed the week-long session at International Guitar Seminars in the past.

You'll meet other musicians from the Bay Area and beyond, to jam with in the future. And, you'll learn some basics about jamming that will enable you to communicate with other musicians, so as to get the most from this pleasurable and social activity...or as Bob says, "the most fun you can have without being arrested!"

Next Seminars:

...are coming soon! We are in the process of scheduling them for Summer 2009, and we're very excited to introduce our new, spacious facility!

Email the Seminar Coordinator to receive notification when the next seminars are scheduled.

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